3-Phase Ranking Strategy

Each phase includes the ranking and optimization of BOTH Google Maps & Regular Website Ranking.

Phase 1: Audit &Strategy

Establish Customized Strategy

First things first, we need to audit your website and determine a customized strategy to rank your website.

Here we go through a robust site audit and a complete competitor analysis. We also determine what keywords will provide you the most amount of traffic.

Phase 2: Implementation

Set-up Website So You Can Get Found

Once we determine the best strategy for your business we then start getting you found on both Maps & Search.

We curate content and optimize your on-page work so you can actually get found on Google.

Phase 3: Ranking

Get Your Website To The Top

The main backbone of ranking will be done during this step. Here is where we further increase your website authority.

We have successfully got you found on Google. Now it’s time to start ranking to the top.

Phase 1 & 2: Pricing

What’s Included: 

– (Value: $800) Site-Wide Website Audit

– (Value: $400) Competition Analysis

– (Value: $800) Custom Keyword & SEO Strategy

 (Value: $800) On-Page Optimization

– (Value: $200) Content Creation

– (Value: $200) Press Release

Total Value: $3,200

You Only Pay: $1,750 – 1 Time Cost

Savings: $1,450

Phases 1 & 2 will ultimately generate your business tons of new traffic especially if your website hasn’t been optimized already. It set’s the foundation for incredible ranking results.

In many cases, these phases will show significant results without even having started phase 3.

The benefits of our 3-phase system are that you can see some results before committing to a monthly plan.

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