3 Phase Client & Customer Acquisition Plan

This is a special offer not normally marketed on our website. Our pricing is normally monthly as seen on our regular pricing page here.

However, we understand that not all businesses are equipped to handle a monthly expense. So we’ve broken down our services into a 3 phase plan that can make it easier to get the clients and customer you want at a more affordable rate.

Phase 1: Website Build-Out

Phase 1 – $750 One-time Cost (Normally $1,500)

First things first, we need to build out your website if you don’t have one set-up already. We can’t rank you on Google if you don’t have a website.

(If you have a website already then you can skip this phase.)

Phase 2: Google Maps Ranking Jumpstart

Phase 2 – $995 One-Time Cost (Normally $1675)

With Google Maps getting more and more popular we show you how much we can get done in only 6 weeks. Here we rank for the “near me” search terms and you’ll show up locally and get more clients & customers.


Save an additional $245 by purchasing phase 1 & phase 2 at the same time.

Phase 3: Top of Google Ranking

Phase 3 – Custom Pricing Monthly

After your website is built out we dedicate all of our resources to continue ranking you higher on Google Maps and to also rank you higher in Google Search as well. This is a custom monthly plan that will explode your clients & customer acquisition.