Social media has been touted as being the best advertising tool for the past little while. But as you know, most people still look at a website to get more information about your product.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed people overlook when making their website.

No Call To Action – A call to action is a prompt to get your website visitors to take action. Such as “Sign-Up” or “Call Now.” While it may seem like common sense, it’s a simple tactic that many people overlook.

Not Using Social Proof – Social proof is incredibly powerful and will guide your prospect to make a purchase. When’s the last time you bought something on Amazon that was under 3 stars? The same concept applies to your business. Add as many testimonials and reviews to your website

Less is more – Decision fatigue is a real thing. The more options someone has in front of them the less likely they are to make a purchase. Keep things simple and to the point.

Extra smaller point – Make sure your contact form is properly connected to your email.

You wouldn’t imagine how many clients I’ve had where their contact form was connected to their email properly and lost out on potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If anyone has any more tips they would like to add or if I missed anything, feel free to add them below!


How To Get Results On Google My Business

GMB’s are a powerful tool for all local businesses. However, I see a common mistake with a lot of users. I’ve outlined a few things below that may help your business.

Treat your GMB like a social media platform – At the end of the day Google wants you to interact with their platform more. Consistently upload posts, videos, updates, offers etc.

Keep Your Information Updated – Google puts the USER first, not you. So if an angry customer reports your business as closed when you had your business hours set as open you’ll start to get quality control emails from Google.

Get your basics set-up – This includes setting up your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) to be exactly the same as on your website

Citations – Based on my experience, citations seem to play a larger role in the ranking of your GMB instead of your organic website ranking

Copy The Best – Competitors ranking higher than you? Invest in some SEO software that will allow you to get a better idea of what your competition is doing.

Patience – SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s the cumulation of doing a lot of things right. Then compounded into a force that will rank you to the top. Do not, fall into the trap of “quick ranking” by buying your way to the top